The Liberal Party in South Australia may be bringing the directives of its federal counterpart into state classrooms – cutting research in favour of business investment.

The Port Augusta branch of popular home appliance lenders Mr Rental has been charged after it was found to be engaging in unconscionable conduct.

Sport remains a major element of Australian life and, recent data shows, a significant contributor to the nation’s wallet as well.

An Australian Education Union survey has shown stress is a major factor weighing on the minds of Tasmanian teachers, amidst negotiations for better hours.

Debts and the fear of mismanagement has led to a large-scale spill of the executive board for several tourist resorts and centres in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

The Australian Government needs an entirely new approach to job training and education for its Indigenous residents, according to philanthropist and businessperson Andrew Forrest.

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says the release of exploration permits for offshore petroleum reserves shows the resources sector is still strong, despite spilling from the mainland into the ocean.

The Federal Government’s modification of Australia’s policies and general stance on climate change has been criticised by international authorities, prompting the Prime Minister to claim one expert did not know what she was talking about.

The Australian Government has paid the rest of the account in order to bring the hull of the historic vessel City of Adelaide back to its home shores.

Research has shown part of the reason many cannot get on board with the need to fight climate change, suggesting the impacts could be too far off to think about.

For a long time, Australian Aboriginal cultures were thought to have sole-dominion over the secrets of setting fire to the land they hunt, but scientists are now finding the ancient wisdom with a modern lens.

There are plenty of workplace issues that can cross legal boundaries, and in the United States the theft of a delicious gelatine-based treat is now one of them.

The Australian Government is urging residents across the nation to immerse themselves in National Water Week, and be inundated with a greater appreciation of water-related issues.

A new climate research college has opened in Australia, seeking to pick up the slack as climate science is cut in other areas.

The man responsible for Australia’s water-related issues is heading to meetings in one of the most contentious areas this week.

Groundwater is a natural resource which enables the activities of many other industries, now a centre dedicated to studying groundwater has put a price on the hugely important resource.

Even the trees are grabbing their slice of Western Australia’s underground resources, with CSIRO showing nature may have levied its own minerals tax.

An augmented reality system is in the works which allows a driver to make other cars on the road seem invisible.

As NSW experiences one of the worst fire seasons in decades, WorkCover NSW has waived the five-day asbestos removal notification to allow immediate clean-ups.

An Australian mining office Kyrgyzstan has been attacked by forces opposed to a gold-mining project.

WorkSafe authorities in Western Australia are launching a crack-down on the use of sleeper cabs on long-distance trips.

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