Rail is on the rise across the country, according to a report from the Australasian Railway Association.

A mysterious new company is aiming to print wooden furniture in three dimensions.

A government department has recommended knocking back a proposal for a coal mine which may threaten the World Heritage listed Ben Bullen State Forest.

A lively phone discussion is set to take place this week between the Premier of Tasmania and the federal Communications Minister, with Lara Giddings accusing Malcolm Turnbull of bailing on a pre-election NBN promise.

Victoria’s Health minister has lashed out again at the state’s ambulance union, accusing it of misrepresenting waiting times at hospitals on numerous occasions.

Years of work, millions of dollars but only a few kilograms of weight will be shooting down the highway from Darwin this weekend, with the start of the 3000 km World Solar Challenge race.

Mining giant Rio Tinto is helping usher in the robot revolution, with its plan to replace some of the world’s highest-paid train drivers with robotic equivalents.

Queensland Universities have undertaken a study which could change the future of mining and environmental considerations in the state.

Protections have been put in place to cover over 90 per cent of dwellings from any new coal seam gas activity in New South Wales.

Authorities are working on a proposal for an Indigenous Centre for Excellence in Broken Hill, which would help create and propagate Indigenous culture, business and ideas.

The Federal Government may delay its decision over whether to allow an American firm to buy out one of the country’s most prominent grain companies.

Australia’s Minister for Industry has visited the site at the centre of a beloved Australian industry.

Queensland’s crackdown on motorcycle gangs has seen bounties offered, security enhanced and now the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) brought in to help.

The Snowy River Shire Council is considering the implications of recent climate change reports, which show the shire’s key industries could melt away.

An Agricultural Economics expert wants to know how particular parts of the ‘direct action’ plan to reduce climate change will be applied, wondering how much farmers can expect to contribute.

A job training program in the US is trying to counteract bias against body art, and give applicants a clean slate.

Farmers in rural Queensland are hoping half a million dollars will be enough to get a handle on the devastation caused by feral pigs.

The boss of a Queensland energy company says there is no immediate future for underground coal gas extraction in the state, after Cougar Energy was fined for contaminating groundwater.

Ever since clog-wearing Luddites threw their shoes into automatic looms in the 15th century, people have feared having their jobs replaced by machines.

Climate scientists have used updated reports of humanity’s impact on the environment to call on Australian politicians to do something beneficial, as they seemingly go backwards compared to the rest of the world.

The water is flowing, or rather spraying, across Tasmania thanks to the government’s ongoing irrigation funding schemes.

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